I tried to do some of these last year, but my discipline with them was not good. But I really want to try more of these this year. #NABloPoMo is a Blog Her program that gives people prompts to encourage creativity and more kind of daily posting kind of thing.

So the November 3rd prompt

Write about an amazing imaginary brand or organization you’d love to work with. What would their pitch to you look like? What would your post say?

unnamedSo… If you have followed this blog for any length of time, you know that I have been dealing with a lot outside my running life that has made a big time dent in my race schedule. I am not racing near as much as I used to. It is not really by choice but the money is not there.

I have really focused on the idea that running is my therapy and it is the time that I need outside the chaos of helping my mom, helping figure out things related to dad’s health issues, running my business stuff ect. Running is the time to focus for me. I want to prove to people just because you might not be able to focus on race goals, does not mean you have to give up on running.

It has changed my relationship with running a lot.

But there are companies out there that don’t seem to see that. So I would love to work with a company that is realize running is more then just racing, its about getting out there and having the time to dedicate to yourself and dedicate to your health.