Notice: I actually paid for a month out of pocket. My opnions are my own


Just No.

I should of known by the title that I was walking into something that was going to honestly.


I love VOD services for workouts. There is zero question that my life is boderline nuts and at times I need to make a workout at my home office. I love some of the different challenges that come with them and I love the chance to work with different trainers.

First off, they really make it about being sexy. Which with Cosmo, being a normal reader I get. But this is scurrilous.

I love dancing workouts. And there are some good options but they are all short. It is not what you expect when you look for a VOD service. Other services the dance workouts vary between a quarter to a full hour. Nothing I found on CosmoBody is past 15 minuets. I also do not see any ballet workouts which is something I love.

That being said,their Yoga selection is outstanding. Tara Stiles has always been one of my favorite celebrity trainers and there is a huge selection of her yoga videos.

Is it worth the cost?