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“I have too many t-shirts”

“Races can stop giving me shirts”

I hear it frequently from my runner friends the quandary of t-shirts. It happens to all of us who race. We have an over abundance of t-shirts.

And in my case there are a few shirts I just refuse to get rid of. They represent some of the landmark memories of some of the craziness that I have done while racing.

And I know a ton of people who are already thinking about the holidays ;). This might be the best holiday gift.

I actually did one from Project Repat a couple years ago and I love it. It actually ends up being the perfect wall

My two blankets together. All sorts of memories all in one
My two blankets together. All sorts of memories all in one
decoration. It represents some of the landmark races I have had (right before I went to San Francisco the first time) up to that point.

I had been debating doing a second one that was less race related and more me related. Not just running but some of the people who have left a smile on my face and just some of the general craziness that goes on in the life of me. So, when the opportunity to help Project Repat came out to do a review I jumped all over it.

The process once you start off on the Project Repat website and order the size you are looking for. Then you lay out the shirts the way you want them. My twin size blanket takes 24 shirts. If you purchase now, you have up to 90 days to put your blanket together which gives your giftee time to find all the shirts and plan the perfect blanket for them.

As I mentioned before, this for me was about me. I have some of my favorite races in there, along with some of my favorite wrestling people, and in general this was all about the things that make me me.

You will get directions from Project Repat on how the next part of the process works. You choose the color backing

You can look at some of the detail on how well it is stitched.
You can look at some of the detail on how well it is stitched.
(mine is red), layout your shirts the way you want them to be on your blanket and then you cut off the sides you do not need before shipping them off.

They have two locations in which you can send your blanket to (it depends on where you are located) they have two very distinct but intertwined missions.

lean manufacturing cut & sew company

While most of the textile jobs in Fall River have gone overseas as corporations sought cheap labor and lax regulation, Precision Sportswear has been able to succeed by specializing in custom work and smaller production runs for made-in-U.S.A. companies. Workers earn a fair and living wage, full benefits, and paid vacation and holidays.


worker owned cut & sew company

With a great working environment and top quality workmanship, Opportunity Threads has “repat-riated” some textile jobs back to the United States. Each worker at Opportunity Threads is part of a collaborative working model, where each employee adds input to the production process and has the opportunity to earn an ownership stake in the company.

After you send it out, in a few weeks you get a package back with your blanket.

I was impressed with my first one. This one blew it out of the water. I knew it was going to be a challenge because some of these graphics exceeded the 12×12 dimensions they recommended. But everything was cut perfectly to fit my blanket.

I think what makes me a a loyal customer for Project Repat is the care they put into it. They understand they are

I could not even fit the full thing in.
I could not even fit the full thing in.
putting your memories together into something special. They are high quality blankets that will last you for a life time.

For me, this blanket represents all the positive in my life, races, people experiences. It is just me in every sense of the word.

Project Repat has given me a chance to share with the world what they do. Click Project Repat and you will save 15 percent on your blanket. If you are looking for something perfect for a holiday gift, this is a great pick.

Disclaimer: I received my blanket in exchange for writing this review. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.