Note: Van Day offered me a chance to review their cover at a discounted price through Tomoson. No other compensation was offered.

I don’t often take on a non-running related review; but when this hit my mailbox I was interested. Between my consulting work, my always reading and always trying to learn stuff; my Ipad Mini is more like my right hand. And I go through covers like a mad women.

So when VanDay reached out I defiantly wanted to see what it was about.

I love the hard plastic backside of the case. It fits well, and I have actually had my Mini fall off the table and

The inside of the cover
The inside of the cover
the case stayed in place which has been a problem before on some of these cases. It does not block the camera or move around to make photo taking hard. The durablity is a huge issue for me and I think this is a case that is going to work and stay with me for awhile.

The soft side of the case has a screen cleaning style inside which being my Mini goes with me everywhere and is a magnet for dust and smudges, is a must have tool. The only downside with the soft cover is it does not help the Mini stand up as much as I want to when I am watching movies. That is a small downside in the big picture.

I love the selection of front covers that they offer on the website. I chose the one with the elephants and it makes me smile every time I grab my Ipad and its honestly a design that I have never seen out there.

I f you have read any of my blogs before; cost is always an issue for me and that right there is another thing I love about this. The covers average 9.99- 14.99 and thanks to Amazon mine was delivered quickly.