I am behind on blogs.
I know.
I have been pretty much lacking the motivation or time to work on a lot of what I know I need to work on. That being said, here I go.

I have always said the 10K distance is my achilles heel. I never seem to find my pacing for it. But I also know that for me, its something I want to work on. So when the opportunity came up to run Race to Remember’s Memorial Day Event I decided to challenge myself and see where I was at in a 10K. I talked about it earlier this year. I am not racing as much this year. But I am making the races I do mean something, and this race means a lot to me. Running with the team at Race to Remember gives me a chance to continue my goal to pay it forward as Race to Remembers goals is to honor the lives of our soldiers and our veterans.

The check-in process for this event is smooth, and you can check in the day of.  This is a no-frills race that focuses on bringing the money to veterans based charities.

The start which was at the Veterans Memorial in Vancouver which made for a perfect backdrop. The race featured a half marathon which went out an hour earlier than the 10K and 5K.

This is where this review is going to become complicated so bear with me. Due to a miscommunication the flagger at an important part of the course sent the 5 and 10K runners in the wrong direction within the first mile. This miscommunication forced the 5K into a 2 miler and the 10K into almost a 13K. Claudia, who is not only my friend but a tremendous race director apologized for the problem right away and tried to make it right with runners which shows something I already knew, she has a passion for using this platform to making a difference. I can tell how hard this she took this.

As for me, I decided at the last second to run with the flag, that is something that I love to do even though it, in reality, adds an extra layer of resitance to the run. The route we took was amazing. We went through the Fort Vancouver Historical site (this is the part we should not of done, but oh well it was amazing) and then down the Vancouver waterfront. This is one of my favorite places to run. I caught some really good speed on my intervals until I got to about a 3 miles in, then I needed to shorten it up. I took shorter intervals which still kept the speed right.

There was plenty of support on the course with water and Gatorade.

One of the bike medics caught me and turned me around before I could get too far over the 10K mark. (Some ended up at 15K).

The end of the race features a small spread of food and a beer garden. This is the first year they did age group awards (and I came in third no matter how slow I was).

I did go back out for the Honor Mile which is a mile in honor of those local military lives that have been lost. Carrying the flag

I have talked about this frequently, the Race to Remember races are small. They are put together by a race director driven to give back to the community.  There might of been an issue with this race but it was a solvable issue and something the race already plans on moving foward from.


Note: I was given a free race entry in trade for my recap.