I am proud to be a Skirts Sports Ambassador. It is a company that has not only supported me as I started on my journey. Even now, the truly believe in my story, but they even through the fact running has been less about racing and more about staying connected to the fit, strong capable me had meant the world to me.

Which is why the #RealWomenMove campaign has me so excited.


Skirt Sports defined #RealWomenMove

“We’re on a mission to empower unmotivated or intimidated women and young girls. Let’s show them what it looks like to make health and fitness a priority, despite the daily obstacles that get thrown in our paths. It’s that simple

“Who is a REAL woman? She is proud of who she is. She is confident. She does not judge, but rather encourages other women. She is comfortable in her own body. She accepts and loves herself as she is. She prioritizes health and fitness.”

I honestly think Skirt Sports nails it with their definition. But let add to the definition with some real life definitions in my own life. These women should know who they are.

To the woman who fought through depression, self doubt and pain to compete in her first fitness competition this weekend and has found her true confident self again. You never gave up on yourself even when the clouds had been darkest.

To the woman who is refusing to let oral cancer bring her down and define her. You fight with a smile and a laugh and continue to do everything you can to inspire others.

To the woman who knows she is still in a process of learning all about fitness herself and is still fighting challenges, but she refuses to let those challenges stop her, and decided to start a group to help others learn from each other.

To the woman who makes it a point between raising a son as a single mom, working and going to school to make her health an priority. Your gym posts always inspire me to get moving.

The the women (I know, but its a group) who don’t care that they will always be towards the back of a race, but they are out there giving it their all, and to the women who might be at the front of the pack, but cheer for the back of the packers and encourage their fellow runners everywhere.

It is not about size, it is not about weight. We as a society get so focused on being skinny, eating right all the time, the scale, not liking your body because your weight isn’t down. Its about accepting the challenges that life throws at you, realizing no one is perfect but doing everything you can to be the best you.


So here is the challenge for you.

Post your own #RealWomenMove stories, photos ect to social media using the hashtag #RealWomenMove and #SkirtSports. For every 5,000 hashtags, Skirt Sports will donate a “Get Started Scholarship” that includes a Skirt Sports top, bra, bottom, hat, socks, and a free entry to your first 5K (or comparable race). Submit your story or nominate a friend today