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Expresso Ride of the Week: (@PDXGym): Lost Trail

Congratulations to all who finished the first ride of the week. Week 2 ROTW is:

Welcome to our second Ride of the Week (ROTW), where we pick one road every week for you to explore with the riders from your team and thousands of others from around the world.

This week is LOST TRAIL! Tropical trees and Mayan ruins await in the jungles of Central America, but don’t stop too long to take in the scenery!

Complete the ride to earn your badge. Every road has it’s own badge so make sure you don’t miss out or you will have to wait a long time for the ride to be featured again. Ride fast to climb the leaderboards and lay claim to the top spot in your age group and circle of friends! Ride as many times as you need to. Only your fastest will count.

You don’t need to sign up for the ROTW online. You just need to sign in on your Expresso Bike and finish your ride during the week! New rides will be announced each Sunday and you’ll have through the end of Saturday to finish them. The ride of the week starts and stops at midnight USA Eastern.

Whole Ton of Expresso News for @pdxgym

I am so sorry.

I have been in a bit of a writing rut.

First off the Janurary challenge is simple.

5,000 calories.

(Click pop out for more details)

But there are THREE new year long challenges.

Number 1:

What better way to make 2016 great than by riding 2016 km!?! You’ve got it in you. We know you do. Get on your Expresso bike and go nuts. Your legs, your heart and your mind will thank you when you’re done. Not to mention that you will earn yourself the ultimate Expresso badge of honor for going the distance. Registration is required. Only the rides you do after you register will count!

P.S. This is 1253 miles for those of us who think in English units, but we’re not stopping you from riding 2016 miles either!

Number 2:
What do 90 Big Macs, 2000 Carrots, and this challenge have in common? 50,000 Calories! Burn it and Earn it! You have the whole year to ride to reach your goal and earn your badge, but take it from us… It will be a lot more fun if you stay consistent! Registration is required. Only the rides you do after you register will count!

Fun Fact: A pound of body fat equates to approximately 3,500 Calories, so by the time you earn your badge you will be about 14 pounds lighter! Ok well, maybe not exactly, but you get the idea!

Number 3:
This is the ultimate stage race! Ride every tour on the Expresso Bike during the year earn your badge. Your best time on each tour in 2016 will make up your total time on the leaderboards! Registration is required. Only the rides you do after you register will count!

This challenge takes guts, determination and a sense of adventure. According to our checklist you have all three of these traits, so what are you waiting for? Let’s ride!

#expressobikes #summersprint #WestCoastFitness 1st Sprint Down- 2 to go

West Coast Fitness People!

The first of the Expresso bike challenges are over for August. The second one comes this Tuesday August 11th.

I am the only one who finished the first one and honestly, it kicked my butt. I freely admit I am out of bike practice.

The second challenge is simple and something we can all do.

Ride Bent Spoke as fast as you can.

For everyone who completes Bent Spoke, we get 100 points. The gym with the most points wins a banner for the gym. And if you do it, you get the badge on your profile.


June Expresso Bike Challenge: Tiki Titan @PDXGym

Aloha West Coast Fitness People

I know, I have been lazy about doing challenges. I have a plate full of goals I am working for and riding is not the biggest thing, I am using it as a cross training thing. But that does not keep me from encouraging you and letting you know what the challenges are.

This challenge is pretty simple.

Ride to burn 2,500 calories in the month of June.

See the JPG below for more details.

01 - Flyer (Web)

@PDXGym – January Interactive Expresso Challenge

I will just say it right now. This has me happy. Its a challenge but it is a doable challenge.

Promo - Facebook ShareAfter December’s challenge (which I did not do because I was not ready for big hills after a hard running November)

This challenge is Titan 5,000 Second Generation.

This is simple. You have from Jan 1- Jan 31.

Burn 5,000 calories.

5,000 calories gets you the challenge logo on your profile. And the ability to buy the shirt.

@PDXGym- Expresso Bike/Interactive Fitness bike leaderboards seasonal reset

I forgot this was coming until I went riding today.

Saturday was the end of the fall season for both the national leaderboard and the local leaderboard. We are now officially in the Winter Season.

This means everything but your personal records are wiped clean. You have until spring (March, but I need to find logoout the date) to take on the leaderboard again.

And remember, we are still in the middle of a challenge. (I am choosing not to ride in this one because I don’t want to ride too hard for a bit, Dragon Fit is helping me here)

As for me..I have been having too much fun in Dragon Fit to play with anything else. But my national boards (Age and Gender base) are nice.

Basic Your Rank Your Best Date
Expresso Speedway 47 of 483 3:10 12/10/2014
Rolling Thunder 49 of 349 3:36 10/3/2014
Redwood Dash 7 of 488 4:35 10/14/2014
Campus Loop 52 of 410 7:09 10/3/2014
Mini Mayhem 30 of 471 6:52 10/7/2014
Evening Bliss 19 of 441 7:57 10/14/2014
Rabbit Run — — —
Lost Trail — — —
Alpine Splash — — —
Coastal Run 66 of 375 12:26 10/14/2014
Bent Spoke 52 of 342 15:23 12/2/2014
Fruitdale — — —
Moderate Your Rank Your Best Date
City Express — — —
Dragon Fire — — —
Billy Goat Falls — — —
Broken Spoke — — —
Moody Ambush — — —
Ironhorse Rush 55 of 188 24:34 10/2/2014
Quicksilver — — —
Farmers Bluff — — —
Stump Puller 38 of 147 27:00 10/12/2014
Sunday Afternoon — — —
Apple Grinder 48 of 143 28:08 10/5/2014
Challenging Your Rank Your Best Date
Ravens Roost — — —
Stormy Hollow — — —
Odyssey 37 of 84 32:36 10/20/2014
Wicked Workout 34 of 80 34:47 10/21/2014
Oh Mama 34 of 146 33:17 10/23/2014