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A Special Thanksgiving Letter: Thank You: @PWFCrystalCoast

I already got the chance to write about running in my blog that I wrote for The SF Marathon. You can check that one out by clicking above.

I have one of the craziest familes ever.

And I am so proud of it.

I have brought them up in a couple blogs here and there, but I don’t think I have been able to put into words how crazy the journey has been becoming the social media guru for the Premier Wrestling Federation . The original planned on helping these boys get off the ground and moving on. But as I have been working more with them, I have realized that I actually have a passion for the social media side of the business and I have been wanting to see things happen bigger and better for these guys.

But what I have never expected is that I would end up adopting a family of brothers and sisters.

I have not made it a secret that things have been complicated in my world. More specifically with my family and my PWFTurtlelogodads health issues. There has been so much that has gone by the wayside in the process. But these guys have truly been backing me up and encouraging me to dream bigger and fight for the things that I want to accomplish.

These guys and girls work so hard, and its obvious when I am watching the footage of what they are doing that they truly love what they do. They truly want to be amazing towards their fans in NC and beyond and leave them with an experience that is once in a life time.

But the thing is, without even knowing it, they have really helped me explore a dream come true. It is not a hard fact to follow that I am a huge wrestling fan, and always dreamed about doing something in the business. They took this lonely wrestling fan that was all away across the country and let them steer the ship on the marketing side.

It breaks my heart that the odds are, I will never get the chance to come to NC to see them live. Because I owe these guys a lot more then they know, they believed in me and keep seeing the potential and believing in me. Its been a life saver. I am truly thankful for them this holiday season for being a part of my world and making me smile so many time.

Late night musings from The Zombie Running Princess: SF Marathon, Sand Castles…. And wrestling….

I have not written one of these late night musings blogs in awhile. The blog has been more about business stuff then anything else as of late; manly because I have had a lot of random things going on in my head and have not really wanted to spill it all out.

Let me start off with the happy news; this week I was asked back as a 3rd year San Fransisco Marathon Ambassador. The

marathon has been an amazing experience; and when I jumped into doing this blog thing they are literally the first company to see my story and really truly believe in it. I already can’t wait to be back. I have learned so much every time I have been there and met so many amazing people. I will be saying a lot more about this in the next few weeks; but mark July on your calendar.

I am already super excited for 2016 in terms of running. I think I will be able to shoo some of the negative 2015 vibes away.

Despite the good news, the last few months I have just been struggling with my confidence as of late. I can’t really put a finger on it, other then I feel like there has been a ton of negative, harried energy around me and I have not been able to beat it back. In conversation with a friend the topic of sand castles came up and how sometimes life comes around and turns the sand castles you are building on its head and turn them to dust. I have been lucky that I have some amazing friends who have been able to help step outside what it is going on and really help try and keep the ship on track.

It has always been my biggest challenge. I need to remember to realize that I can go after my dreams, I can persue whatever it is that makes me happy. I can shoot for the moon. And I need to remember to ask for help when I am drowning in the negative energy.

So I have been working on some things for my future. I don’t want to go into much at the moment, but I am happy/nervous about some of the direction I am taking, even though some people around me are not.

I went off on my personal Facebook about another topic this week. And I will just say this; if you have followed my blog and my journey for any length of time. You have an idea of what kind of role obesity has played and for that matter what kind of havock it has played on my families life. I have said it before and I will say it again. If you are dealing with the journey, if you are struggling. Its worth the fight. It is worth the struggle, it is worth the looking inside of yourself and dealing with the issues. Its so hard to watch someone I love deny that obesity and their choices are at the root of the issue. And I know some of that has lead to my ugly feelings.

Change is hard. But its worth it

One last thought. You have heard me brag a lot on social media about my lovely PWF Crystal Coast. I am proud to be their social media boss. I just wanted to say it once again. These guys just came off onf an amazing show weekend the first weekend of November. I am so proud of what they are becoming and I am so proud to be on the journey with them.

A Thank You Letter to @PWFCrystalCoast

Note: Remember I said, I was going to go off on non running things from time to time. This is one of those times, feel free to pass if you only stop for running.

You know when you have one of those crazy dreams that you don’t want to ever tell any about, but its always back there in the back of your head.

I have had one of those for as long as I can remember.

I was born and raised as a professional wrestling fan as long as I can remember. My granddad was one of those always in front of the TV Saturday night for Saturday Nights Main Event. My mom was a wrestling fan since before I can remember, she always had it on in the house. I fell in love early, and hard.

I have always had the up and down love for it. Sometimes I really love it, sometimes I love to hate it.

I always dreamed one day of being involved somehow in Professional Wrestling. But if you have read my blog for any length of time or known me, you know life has made it an art form of throwing me curve balls. And even now, even in my peak health I never saw it ever happening.

And that was until I was involved with the PWF.

I had helped Steve on a couple favors in the past. And I just started this insnae social media education I had set out for (manly to help me grow this beast) and I realized I could help him get their social media presence started, so I offered to help.

I never realized how making that offer to help would turn into me literally having a dream come true.

In the time since I offered to help, I have become basically the social media director for the PWF, and have grownunnamed their page to over 1,000 plus fans. I have also gotten to help direct social media involvement in story lines and been come up with promotional plans. I am always challenged to make it creative

But in the middle of all of this I have gotten to know an amazing roster of talent who is dedicated to making wrestling approachable and entertaining for the Eastern North Carolina area. They are dedicated dreamers, parents, friends who do it all and then some. Their work ethic is totally inspiring and it always challenges me to keep pushing myself to see what I can do to help them.

I honestly never expected that crazy dream to come around this way, but I love it.

Remember how I have said my life is not anywhere close to where I expect it to be but I love it anyhow, this is one of those reasons.

To my PWF Family: Remember this. I may never be able to get to see you guys live and in person, but you guys have a cheerleader in me, I will always be in your corner, working with you guys makes me better. And I am so thankful this dream has come together. Steve, Thank you for having faith in me to do this and take the bulll by the horns with it to grow it.