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The Champ…The King… And Tranquilo?

Wrestling Blog Time. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

So what is it like to meet unarguably the best wrestler on the planet?

I am still trying to put words to it.

If you know anything about me, you know social situations and me don’t get along. I have gotten better throughout the years, but its still always going to be a challenge for me. So I kind of figured I was in deep water when I bought myself a reward for getting through Rugged Maniac.

But I am SOOO glad that I did it.

I got the chance first to shake hands with Minoru Suzuki who is one of the toughest men on the planet. He is not only considered an icon in wrestling but a godfather of modern MMA. And he also scares most humans. But he could not of been nicer to me.

I also got to shake hands with one of the most popular stars in wrestling right now in Tetsuya Naito. Naito is so almost insanely humble. He wanted to shake hands with everyone and thank them for coming. The funny thing is our first photo did not come our right so Melissa, who was the assistant in the room and Naito both said to come back after all was said and done and they would re-try it. Naito also saw a photo of my kitty on my tablet which I had with me at the time and commented on how cute my kitty is.

OHH.. And then the main event.


Sorry, I had to do that.

I was so proud of myself because my anxiety stayed at bay. Until the second that I walked into the room and it literally tried to kick my a#@%.

I honestly don’t even know where it came from.

Let me say this, I have always been slightly inspired by the way Kenny looks at the fact that you can change the world. He set out to do things his way and change the world doing it his way. I wish I had half the guts he did to set myself out there and make things happen. This might of had a lot to do with where my nerves tried to kick me into next week.

But anyhow I digress.

Kenny could not have been any kinder or for that matter anymore gentle. I think he caught on how nervous I was. He blamed my nerves on something else. (Ill never forget the dog in the room thank you Kenny.) he asked if I wanted to hold the IWGP World Title. He also encouraged me to stay positive and keep pushing forward in what I want to accomplish.

Seriously, thank you to everyone at NJPW for making the meet and greet happen at Treasure Island (which is the craziest place in SF BTW). It was well organized and everyone had their moment with the stars of their choosing,

The photos of me are amazing. I swear I have not seen myself smile so much in a long time.

Thank you to Mr. Suzuki for making me feel so welcome, thank you to Mr. Naito for giving me a second shot at the photo and being such a down to earth genuine gentlemen and Kenny, thank you for making it so much easier. Thank you for your words, thank you for what you said Saturday night at the show as well.

A little thank you to my favorite “Addiction”

WARNING: This is not a running blog entry. If you are looking for the running blog fun cycle down. (Remember this is my blog and I don’t always do run)

It isnt a secret, the other passion I have outside of running is wrestling.

And two of the biggest reasons for that have been a very certain tag team; The Addiction, Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian.

When I was going through the last few years of finding myself, dealing with the family health issues, and trying to hold it all together. I could watch those two and break out laughing despite myself. There would be some nights I would be laughing so hard that I was crying.

If you watch them you get it. They are just very good at what they do.

But also watching these guys keep going at the level that they do and the fact they keep getting better has inspired me. There are many times that people around me have been pretty clear that I should give up those crazy dreams and goals that I am shooting for. I am too old, I am too washed up, I should be focusing on family, ya know those things you hear.

They defiantly helped to show me that not fitting in the “box” is okay that I can embrace the inner nerd.

I always wanted the chance to meet them to say thank you for inspiring me to continue to push to be better. And I got that chance. (Not without almost tripping over my own two feet. But alas if you know me, if I get nervous I do.)

These two made it a point to make sure this photo happened before I had to bail for my trip back to Portland and could not of been nicer.

I just want to say thank you again to them both for not only inspiring me, just always being awesome towards me, but giving me so many good memories out of my first trip to Vegas.

The Other Side of Me…. A Thank You Letter to @TheWCWC and Wrestling in General

Okay… I will get back to health and running stuff later. If that’s all you read with me you may move on.

For those of you who follow me in my social media adventures, you pretty much know that there is only one thing I love as much as I love running. This just so happens to be professional wrestling.

I have been around Pro Wrestling for as long as I can possibly remember. My late grandfather used to sit in front of his favorite chair every Saturday night for Saturday Nights main event. My mom was raised on it, and turned my father into somewhat of a fan. And I was just kind of raised on it from the early Portland Wrestling days.

Someone posted something on Facebook that came across my timeline that hit home with me. It was in a letter to his fellow wrestlers.

“That for just that small moment, as that person, be it child or adult, cheered or booed, you helped remove them from the horrible realities that surround us all every day. That for just that short moment, you helped take the pain away.”

I would not say its a horrible reality that surrounds me. But, if you have been following my journey for any length of time. You know I have been dealing with a lot outside my running life when it comes to my fathers illness, all the logistical issues that come up with it, supporting my mom through this and trying to figure out my own future. At times it gets to be a lot of stress. Running is always helpful but there are some days that running just does not snap me out of funks.

One of my faviortes Remey Marcel myself and Nick Price
One of my faviortes Remey Marcel myself and Nick Price
A good dose of Professional Wrestling always seems to do the trick and leave me smiling for days.

We ware lucky enough here in Portland to have The West Coast Wrestling Connection. I honestly found them because of the fact that they brought in one of my “must not miss ever” (See name of blog website if you have never figured this one out). But I have found what feels like a second home. And its a guaranteed break away from sometimes feels like uncontrollable chaos The talent there is amazing. And they really care about putting on the best show they can for their fans.

The WCWC has also jumped on to be one of my biggest cheerleaders in my fundraiser for George. They have promoted it social media. And really stepped up to back me up.

It is to the point that I look forward (when running is not interfering) to when they are on my calendar.

Thank you to all involved with WCWC for not only reminding me why I love wrestling. But giving me that break away from chaos that comes with the life of being a dreamer, a hard worker, a care giver, and a women with a flat out

My fashion hero, and one of my favorite guys to watch, Ashton Vuitton
My fashion hero, and one of my favorite guys to watch, Ashton Vuitton
nutty life. Thank you to the ones that support my crazy dreaming as a runner, business lady and soon to be… well you just have to wait and see.

I am the social media guru/ambassador for the Premier Wrestling Federation and it is a dream come true for me. Everyone has such an amazing passion for the business. It is a dream come true to work with such a great group of people and be able to help them out with things. Thank you to the PWF team for dreaming big.

And thank you to the few others, who know who they are (including my adopted running coach) for following my crazy journey and supporting the chaos. And thank you for putting your talent out in the world.