Note: This is an affliate post. I already love the Color Run, and the opnions are my own.

The Color Run is annoucing a night event. And if the expereinces I have had during their day event is any indication. I am EXCITED

A little info about our night events!

– Welcome to the night life… It’s Glow Time!The Happiest 5k is staying up late with our first ever night run hittin’ the U.S.! With amazing new participant gear and the brightest race attractions you’ve ever seen, thousands of runners will light up the night sky!
– Glowing Dance Party!There is an enchanting energy when the sun goes down, so come join us for this star-lit party! Sweet photo opps, cool glowing color shows and bumpin’ music to dance your heart out to! We can’t wait to see you there!
– COURSE- Glow with the flow!Our glowtastic color zones, illuminating bubble stations and surprise course attractions will magically lead you to our epic finish line and wild festival party! TCR Night is bringing this glow party to the next level!
– GEAR- Shake, Rattle and Glow!We are bringing our Night Color Runners a mind blowing Race Kit that includes a glowing special edition tee, black light headlamp, and a one of a kind glow color packet to help you get your glow on!

2015 TCR Night Tour Dates

Atlanta, GA 09.19.15
Central Jersey, NJ 09.05.15
Louisville, KY 10.03.15
Philadelphia, PA 10.10.15
Baltimore, MD 09.05.15
Chicago, IL 09.05.15
Milwaukee, WI 09.12.15
Phoenix, AZ 10.10.15
Boston, MA 10.02.15
Los Angeles, CA 08.29.15
Nashville, TN 08.15.15
Springfield, MA 10.09.15
Loudon, NH 09.12.15
Oklahoma City, OK 08.08.15
St. Louis, MO 08.15.15

2015 Tour Dates for the following cities Coming Soon!

Austin, TX
Grand Rapids, MI
New York, NY
Sacramento, CA
Baton Rouge, LA
Houston, TX
Oahu, HI
San Diego, CA
Charlotte, NC
Indianapolis, IN
Omaha, NE
San Francisco, CA
Cincinnati, OH
Kansas City, MO
Orange County, CA
San Jose, CA
Cleveland, OH
Lansing, MI
Pomona, CA
Seattle, WA
Columbus, OH
Las Vegas, NV
Portland, OR
South Padre Island, TX
Dallas, TX
Little Rock, AR
Providence, RI
Springfield, MO
Denver, CO
Lubbock, TX
Reading, PA
Twin Cities, MN
Detroit, MI
Miami, FL

And if you are interested in their regular event. The Shine Tour; you can check them out here.