I hate fundraising

I always have. But when George passed away I decided I needed to do something in George’s honor after he passed e38077e83bdda17a9c04f52076c8159aaway; I found the Seattle Humane Society program and I fell in love with it. Its a program that dedicates every penny to the animals and making sure they find their forever homes.

Last year I was able to be one of the top fundraisers in the program, it took so much work but I feel like I really made a difference so I really wanted to do it this year.

The thing is the well has run dry.

I really do feel like giving up.

The thing is I started looking at George’s photos and I know we can help find others a forever home.

I will keep this open; and I will keep the cavort that any donations, I will do a physical/Funny/Goofy dare of your choosing (within reason, and we may have to modify) and I will do it on Periscope to boot.

Charity Athletes- Seattle Humane.