Disclaimer: There is going to be part race recap/lessons learned blog. Bear with me. Also I had the honor of being an ambassador for the SF Marathon this year, and my race entry was comped.

This is the second year in a row that I have had the pleasure and honor of being an ambassador to the San Francisco Marathon. It has truly been a life changing and learning experience for me to be able to learn how to share my story with other runners, learning how to promote a race and truly being a leader in my running community.

This year my entire goal was to not let the marathon kick my butt as much as it did last year. But between Portland’s brutal weather forecasts (I hate this heat) and watching my dad go back in the hospital again. It just all kind of fell apart. I did not get the runs in that I wanted, I was also feeling super tight.

I fought the decision up to Saturday but when I came to work my shifts at the expo on Saturday I realized it was not going to be healthy for me to run the full. Literally it would be a situation where it would be bad news. The decision sucked; to the point of tears at the time. But it was the best decision ever. One thing is if you deiced that you need to make the jump, it is an easy process.

The expo featured of course race merchandise from both Reva and this year special things from Luleluemon. There had been races from around the North California area, places to pick up shoes, you could refill your Nuun, stock up on Perfect Bars, check out FitBit and get anything you might of forgotten. (In my case socks)

The expo for me this year was a great experience. Friday I worked with the race management company at the challenge IMG_7335table handing out loyal runner awards, 52 Club and helping answer questions regarding the “Half It All” (both halfs in successive years), “SF Berkley” (running Berkley and SF), “California Dreaming” (Surf City and SF) challenges. I have always said, I love being able to be the one to answer questions and get runners pumped up for whatever is coming their way. People in general had been excited because they had been coming into finish.

The nice thing about where I was, I was able to watch the flow of runners; and one of the things I noticed is how smooth everything flowed. People had been able to pick up bibs, pick up shirts and explore without much chaos. (Saturday was a different story, there had been so many people; get there Friday).

Saturday I spent the morning with the Information Booth crew answering questions. This was one of the busiest places in the expo and the most high energy. The nice thing here was our job was to get you to where you need answers.

The thing about the SF Marathon Expo is it really feels like a big time professional experience. Everyone who is there is there on the mission to help runners enjoy their experience. Its a rare feel that I get from events, and it is one of the many reasons I love being involved with SF.