Disclaimer: For the next three months I will be working with Jost Running as a virtual blogger. I received entries to their virtual events in trade for blogging about what they do and my opinions. No other compensation was received.

Virtual running events have always had me skeptical.

To me it was not truly racing. I did not want to spend my money on something that was not truly racing. With everything going on in my outside running world, I am being stingy with money.

But Jost Running is slowly changing my views of this.

Jost Running is a great small family run outfit that produces virtual running events once a month. Right off the top] one of the things that I love about what they do is each event you not only get to choose the distance you want to accomplish, each race gives back to charity. The races are reasonably priced (between 25-35 dollars) and come with a very nice medal and a bib you can bring yourself.

My 10K Soaring Medal for Jost Running
My 10K Soaring Medal for Jost Running
Septembers races have an airborne theme, and benefit Team For Kids Program via the New York Marathon. This program brings running to kids in NY and helps them learn how to adopt healthy life style.

I decided to take my challenge yesterday as the weather was going to be almost perfect for a 10K. I took off on my normal 10K route through Linnton and back home. I really do adore this route a lot because it does push me because of the hills but its rather scenic as well.

But yesterday I was seriously pushing the pace. I wanted to leave it all out on the road so I felt like I really did earn my medal. It was a little slick with some of the dropped leaves at Linton.

It was one of the fastest times I have set in a long time on the 10K distance which is something I am super proud of. I defiantly felt like I had did everything I could to earn my new amazing medal.

That being said. My racing schedule has defiantly been impacted by everything going on with my dad’s health and the issues related to it. I really like the idea of these virtual challenges to help me stay connected to my running, continue to challenge and motivate myself and continue to force myself to take some me time to accomplish some bigger goals.