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I hate hats.

I barley like headbands.

I have an abnormally large head. (I wear the biggest mens size hat, if that should give you any indication)


If it does, it makes my head look bigger, or it gives me a headache because it barley its.

And my hair has paid the price. It is a common conversation with the people who do my hair that my scalp is sun InstagramCapture_6a03b40b-a62d-4fdb-b08b-b90a59df9df4burnt.

I was beyond cynical when the opportunity to do this review came up. But when it comes to the UV Half Buff. The title of this blog says it all.

Where have you been all my life?

The UV Half Buff is supposed to be for those of us who are more active. It weighs less, is made out of a less dense more breathable fabric.

Fit: It fits my head beautifully. I love wearing it not only when I am out running but it is perfect for when I am out and about doing chores. I can have it covering my scalp when I am out for a long run as it has UV protection. I can use it for a headband I have also used it as pony tail holder a couple times, and nothing has stretched. The bottom line is it fits well on my head and stays comfortable no matter what I do.

Comfort: Its been great for me in the awful heat that we have had in Oregon. Its been great about keeping sweat out of my eyes when I was finishing up training for SF. I have taken it on the Expresso bike and it helped me stay focused on the screen because it kept the sweat back. And it never moved. I never had to adjust.

Design: I WANT ALL OF THEM. I ordered the Arc Angel because the white and black goes with WP_20150807_003everything I like to wear. But there are so many designs no matter what your favorite things are. I think my next one is going to be the Oregon one.

Price: If you have followed my blog for any length of time you know one thing I am rather cautious of. At 15.00 it puts them on par with most of the sport headbands and hats that are on the market and they give you the versatility and sun protection of both at the price of one.

I am getting another one. There is no question. Buff USA is suffering fans of Bib Rave Pro Bloggers a 10 percent discount by using the discount code BIBRAVE. Check out all the UV Half Buffs at the following link.
UV Half Buffs

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