The goal was simple.

Pace a 3:00 half marathon.

And I was all of 8 seconds over which is as close to perfect.

The Vancouver America Marathon was a new event brought to you by RAM Racing, the same people who are behind Hot Chocolate which is another race which I have a lot of love for (and the second race I ever paced).  It was an unpopular race in general locally, but being I wanted the chance to continue to improve on how I am a pacer for a race. I jumped at the chance.

Packet pick-up was a breeze at Foot Traffic. I was in and out within mins and had my gear check bag.

I had won a race package from Foot Traffic which included pre-race night at the Hilton Vancouver which was a huge treat. I only had two blocks to walk.

We had a delayed start due to issues with the flagging (ironic I just wrote another piece on this). But once the race started this was mostly a gorgeous race. You started through Downtown Vancouver before heading towards Ft. Vancouver. I love running Ft. Vancouver in general and I love it even more when you don’t have to tackle the hill to the waterfront (I consider this a big win). You continued through some of the most industrial parts before heading back to the waterfront. Then you reached my less favorite part of the course, the east industrial area of Vancouver. It was hot at this point and a majority of this was a downhill up hill combo. It just felt brutal at that point and it was lined with some of the most friendly but homeless people you will meet.

This race was super small. And super small on support which is not bad, but if you do this race you might want to bring your own elcectolyetes.

I was on pace almost all away through the race and I was able to encourage a lot of people which is my job when it comes to events like this.

This is the first race for Vancouver America Marathon and there is defiantly room for improvement. I hope to be invited back next year to pace again.