Being that I have an abnormally large head. For me trying to find cute headbands to keep my hair back in the gym and running is honestly just a chore. I can’t buy anything regular. They dont fit, they slip and just cause problems.

But with Sweaty Bands, it has not been.

I have several sweaty bands (including my precious SF Marathon Sweaty bands). They fit well, they keep my hair in place and I have never had slipped which always seems to happen to me with other ones. And they are cute. To me they are worth every penny and I am really proud of my little collection.

I have had a few offers to go Affiliate status for other brands. I won’t sign on the dotted line for something I do not use and love.

I am really proud to announce that I have been accepted as a Sweatyband Affiliate.

Please check out their page, and feel free to drop me any questions.