I have decided to do something different this year and as I see things that would make great holiday gifts for other runners, I have decided to post them. Some of these I have and some of these I don’t have. But these are things that catch my attention during the season.

I have always been a huge fan of Rock My Run. I think I have been a customer for almost two years now after I learned about them through a #runchat session. I was curious, but being so picky with music I was not totally certain that I would like the mixes.

I fell in love quickly.

Rock My Run works with some of the worlds best DJ’s to mix workout friendly tunes for every genre. They state that they provide “The Best Running Music In The World”.

It is no joke. They do

For the last couple years because I was on Windows Phone. I did not have the full power of the app at my disposal. So I never truly realized how amazing they are.

The app changed the game for me.

If you are a Rockstar member, (which is only 39.95 for the year) you get access to mixes that are up to four hours in length. There are new mixes dropping all the time. You also get to use their body move technology which matches the beat of the music with your heart rate or your step cadence. I have been playing with this a lot when I run and its helped me do my run walk intervals at a faster pace.

There is also ALWAYS a good mix out there. When you look at how expensive it is to buy music online (which if you have read my blog for any length of time you know I talk budget friendly all the time). Keeping your mix new, fresh and interesting can get costly.

For me, I use the app for everything anymore. I jam to Rock My Run music on the bus, when I am doing my cleaning, just any time music comes into play.

They have changed my running for the better.

One of the other things that has always struck a great cord with me is their philosophy about their customers.

“Run Rockers are people who believe in the power of music to inspire, motivate and drive. These are the people for

Right now, Country Summer is my must have mix.  I am obsessed with a couple songs in it.
Right now, Country Summer is my must have mix. I am obsessed with a couple songs in it.
whom the right song at the right time can make them bob their head, sing out loud, pump their fist in the air, run faster, and run for longer because of how the music affects them.”

Let’s face it. Running sometimes sucks.

I have found myself lost in my own head more then once, wishing a run would be over. And the right song would come on and I would start dancing. (Ask anyone at any of my marathon adventures, I have been know to break out in a dance). And it could turn my head back around.

I have been a big fan of this company since I was introduced and plan on being with them for a long time. Which is why when I saw the email about their gift cards, I realized that was a perfect holiday gift for someone.

The gift cards are 39.95 and it gets you one year of premium service. This gives you access to all of their mixes via the streaming app (no matter what the length), their body move technology, 3 downloads a month for off line listening (when you are slow runner like me, a must) and if you are on iOs you can set it and forget it, they feature a continuous play option.

You can check out everything Rock My Run has to offer at Rock My Run