Dear Ice Bucket Haters:

The proof is in the numbers. The ALS Association announced that donations have exceeded 30 million dollars. In the same time frame last year they got maybe one million. The math is simple, it is making a difference.

I heard it explained best by Michelle over at One Sweet Run and I hope she does not mind, I am borrowing her words.

“We live in a world where creating awareness is the pathway to change.
Ask someone to donate money and their first words will be what for and why. ”

More people are talking about ALS then they ever did before. There are more people donating when they ever did before. I knew about ALS, and I know people impacted by ALS. I never donated before but after seeing someones video and laughing so hard I felt compelled to do it. (Thank you Ashton Vuttion for giving me so many laughs that I donated)

And for me, its been a break away from the constant bad social media juju. Its easy to log into social media and get caught up in the negative that is in the air. The news seems to be nothing but negative as of late. This has unified people, it has gotten people to smile, it has gotten people to talk about a cause and put some positivity in the air.

It was a matter of time before I got hit, and it was professional. I am the social media director/ambassador for the Premier Wrestling Federation and the staff of the PWF was challenged by our fearless leader. And, welp social media challenge is for the social media ambassador.

You get the picture don’t you.

You can donate

I not only professionally challenge the PWF Tag Team Division, but also my friends at The San Fransisco Marathon.

PWF legacy staff answer to the ice bucket challenge from Bonnie WIlson on Vimeo.

Bonnie takes the Ice Bucket Challenge for the staff at the PWF, Thanks Steve.